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Nancy Villella, Founder

I've been involved with computers most of my working life. Prior to moving to
Arizona in 1997, I was an accountant and Management Information Systems
manager in corporate American. We started using Apple IIIs back in the early
1980's and graduated to Macs once they became available. I retired after almost 25 years at Utilities, Inc. and we moved to Arizona.

Since I no longer wanted to work for corporate America, I became a Realtor and started using PCs. However, I found that I spent most of my time helping other agents with their computer challenges and decided that computers were much more fun and creatively challenging than being a Realtor.

I formed LLC in 2003 to help authors, speakers and business
owners to present themselves and their information products in the best
professional and attractive manner.

Many people have trouble spelling and pronouncing my last name which is Italian and pronounced Vill-Ella, so I created the business name DigitalNancy under the LLC umbrella.





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