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Our Mission:  

As a virtual assistant company, LLC, DBA is totally focused on our clients' needs, and we work to help each client to realize their dreams as their personal virtual assistant. Whether creating a permanent record of their precious family memories or creating products and promotions for the specialized entrepreneurial needs of authors, public speakers and other small business owners, we brainstorm with clients to help them expand their product lines and sales avenues. Then we help them with product fulfillment as the need arises. As their project coordinator, we help our clients create easy to follow procedures and checklists that ensure all bases are covered and nothing is left out or forgotten.

Create and Design:

    ●  DigitalNancy creates CDs, DVDs, eBooks, audios, videos, and slideshow
        presentations for use in home, small businesses, in trade show settings, 
        and as products for selling online as well as offline in stores or in the back 
        of the room for speakers.
    ●  DigitalNancy creates stylish covers and labels for CDs, DVDs, manuals,
        books, and eBooks using client owned images as well as images that clients
        purchase from stock photo sites.
    ●  Using clients' images and information, DigitalNancy creates One Sheets that 
        public speakers use to attract new speaking engagements. 
        Click here to see a few samples.
    ●  DigitalNancy creates and maintains simple, inexpensive websites for 
        non-tech-savvy clients to give them an affordable yet very professional 
        appearance and presence on the information highway of the Internet.
    ●  As a virtual assistant, DigitalNancy creates and maintains more complex
        websites with autoresponders and shopping carts for clients with more
        advanced needs. 
See our We Recommend" page for the link to the
        shopping cart and autoresponder company that we recommend.

Transfer and Edit:

     ●  DigitalNancy edits lengthy recordings into full length presentations as well
        as creating sample previews and YouTube promotional videos from the
        client's recordings and images.

    ●  DigitalNancy edits books, manuals, documents and websites for spelling, 
        grammar and continuity.
  ●  DigitalNancy transcribes your audio and video recordings into e-books and
        articles for article submission or for blogging.

    ●  DigitalNancy can record client teleseminars for use as MP3 downloads and
        CD audio products and, if needed, provide a one-camera local video shoot 
        for coaching purposes.


    ● will set up QuickBooks for new entrepreneurs as well as
        handle the monthly data entries for busy business owners.  See our
        We Recommend" page for the link to save up to 20% on your purchase
        at Intuit for QuickBooks and get started tracking your income and expenses
        to make it easier at tax preparation time each year.

Virtual Assistant & Project Coordinator:

    ●  As a Virtual Assistant, performs a variety of duties
        including Internet research, data entry, database maintenance, mailings,
        follow-ups, routine office duties, etc.

    ● helps our clients keep their projects on track by creating 
        easy to follow procedures and checklists that ensure all bases are covered,
        all needed steps have been taken and nothing is forgotten


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